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Just in time for Christmas, Joanne and Bryant are giving you the gift of free speed! Discover why lower tire pressures can make you faster on the road, even though they may feel slower. Learn about the impact of weight, tire width, and road surface on tire pressure and how to optimize it for maximum race performance. You may achieve improvements of 2% or more. Just by deflating a little bit!

The episode is related to the blog article The fastest tire pressure for road cycling is probably lower than you think.

From Blog to Earbuds: Cycling Insights on the Go

On the pod, we are shifting gears from articles to articulate discussions, transforming the insights of the Faster Bike Blog into an auditory experience, perfect for tuning in when on the go or while spinning the pedals.

Voiced by our speakers, Joanne and Bryant: two characters who embody the spirit and expertise of the cycling world. Joanne, a competitive cyclist who infuses each episode with energy and passion, and Bryant, a meticulous bike enthusiast who has looked into every detail of the sport we all love.

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Joanne’s enthusiasm  paired with Bryant’s calm expertise make Faster Bike Pod the perfect companion to the Faster Bike Blog!” 

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